What we do and why we do it

There is plenty of information out there, however quite often this information in conflicting. It can be confusing to know what is going on and what to do.

What we want to do for you is provide real, practical insight into a variety of topics. These will range from health, finance, university, or even food. New topics are being researched, but if you have a burning desire to learn about something in particular then shoot us an email and we will see what we can do.


Hoolabalu is here to entertain, educate, and simply make things simple. Our hope is that you Hoolabalu Learn Something New Today. 


While we will mainly be presenting using White Board Animations, we do plan to offer additional formats in the future. What do you like to see? Live Action? Animated Cartoons? Anything Else? 


You may also be wondering what a Hoolabalu is? Simple – It is a commotion made by a lot of people who are excited about something. This is what we aim to achieve. Make people excited to learn about something new.


Want to see videos more often, then let us know by subscribing to our YouTube Page and Liking our Facebook page. The more we see you like it, the more we will be able to produce for you. 


Here at Hoolabalu we love to learn new things all the time. We find though that many topics are just made more complex than necessary by throwing in jargon that really doesn’t add anything to the mix. Instead, people just become confused, switch off, and stop learning about things that may have a massive impact on  their lives. 


We hope that by explaining things in a simple manner, a Hoolabalu Video can create a  Hoolabalu – A commotion or a lot of noise made by people who are excited about something.